Sunday, October 4, 2009

Dirty Dancing...

The Swayze Memorial Cross Extravaganza started off with a bang on Wednesday night. A hand full of mental cyclists showed face for what ended up being a grand time in one of midtowns hidden parks. Britton mixed it up for us with a three stage event.
First we all lined up for a time trial. All I am going to say is this; I must have been watching way too much television, because you just can't pull a Tokyo Slide on a Cross Check in grass going ludacris speed and live to tell about it, unless of course you are me, and I did not fair all that well. I don't seem to know how to jump those barrier thingy's either; I manged to knock that puppy right over with my failed bunny-hop attempt. I must have been a hoot to watch! My boy Garet busted out the TT in good form (even though he was totally sober) and went on to finish the overall event tied for a money spot
Second we did a 9ish minute cross race with many trees and steep but short hills. I think Cameron passed me on his fixie like twelve times in 9 least that's how I remember it. The new training plan that Quannum has me on; beers before and during races for a quick pre-hydration and carbo-load, did not treat me well. Maybe it was the Power bar I added to the mix...but I thought that would dial me in...wrong-o, sucka! Oh Well, It was all for fun anyway!
Third we did a similar but longer cross race with an added 40' of sand. The sand was hell on all but Cam, who once again lapped us with his hovercraft riding abilities. He'd float the entire sand pit on his 2.4's as we all ran through like girls.
The whole event for me, was all about having a low-stress good time with no plan of even getting close to a good finish. I have to get the hot-dog cross guys totally psyched-out thinking that I am indeed, a tard.
I'll be there next week with my game face on, ready for action and post-race urban madness!
On a side note I was able to get in a quick ride at SMP with Andre. This was a good thing because I had been home with a sick boy for many days and needed some fresh air before I turned into a fat p.o.s.
Andre and I did a lap plus* and had a good, yet fairly relaxing time on what I'd have to say was the best weather day we've had all year. Perfect day actually. I do have to comment on the trail alteration that we came upon. Someone has dumbed-down the step-up on red by breaking it off. Yes, someone has broken the rock ledge step-up so that every tard on the block can send the obstacle now. Bummer! I thought this was the 'advanced' trail...

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