Monday, September 14, 2009

SMP Weekend (River too)...

Sunday is the KC Cup race at Swope Park. I really want to race in this event as I have been looking forward to a local race since I missed R.I.M., due to being in Leadville. This will be a great time amongst friends and I am psyched to race, ride, hang out and just be in the moment.
The past few days I have been trying to answer the question, "are my knees ready?". I have to say that I have been hiding out under the radar as of late. My knees are not yet fully recovered from the damage I caused due to my desire to keep riding (even when my body says NO). I have taken nearly a month off from any hard rides, albeit I have been riding, but in shorter than normal time frames on less demanding terrain.
I have to admit, after about two hours of riding I am done and I still have not been able to really put the hammer down fully to see what my limits are. Sunday will be a test. I will either be able to mash... or not. Having a second DNF on my record would really suck monkey-balls.
With that all in mind I had two good rides at SMP this weekend. These trails are great becasue I can ride from my house and do a lap and be home in just over an hour. I get plenty of good terrain under my belt without having to suffer and wonder If I am doing more damage to the knees. I plan to get in two more good rides before the race and then just go out and have a grand time.
I did make it out for a few laps at the Lawrence River trails recently with Andre. Had a great time while Kelly and Semus crusied the levee itself, also having a good ol' time.

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