Friday, September 25, 2009

A New Dawn...

Thursday night the temps were perfecto for a ride at BURP. The Ethos Racing posse gathered for a quick 'before the sun goes down' lap from the Sandtrap. Andre and I arrived early and zoomed a turn on the Wagon Trail. I love that section of trail with it's technical rock features and finally the fast flowing trail back to the bridge.

We then met up with Travis and Jamie, who were pimping the new Ethos Racing kit. Looking good fellas! We headed out Oxbow to the East side, flew through Middle and High Lines and then called it a night as the rain and sun came down. BURP is a great place to get on some dirt with all flavors of difficulty; sweet climbs, large technical rocks, zoomy downhills and fast sections along the river. Just a grand time in the city with the feeling of being lost in a forest. I love Blue River!

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