Monday, November 25, 2013

New digs, new gigs...

Howdy Friends,

As many of you know, I was lucky enough to experience and learn the art of bicycle frame building from none other than Carl Schlemowitz of Vicious Cycles, at Metal Guru in New Paltz, New York this past summer. It was one of the most awesome experiences of my adult life, other than watching my two children being brought into this world. My passion and ambitions in the cycling world grow by the minute. 

I'm starting a new chapter in my life. Lets just say it starts right now, this very moment. I am working towards making a life out of my love for cycling. Not just by cycling or getting friends psyched about riding. Not only by leading group rides and promoting underground races. Not even just by being a voice in the community (which we've now created here locally - Estes park Cyclist Coalition, EPCC) or by building trail. In addition to all of these things,  I am going to push myself as a custom bicycle frame builder. I am going to do everything in my power to create a unique product that YOU, my beloved readers will just HAVE TO OWN. Something you and I will be proud of, that we can take to many places on this planet and enjoy the hell out of some sick trails.

Now, I'd guess that some folks out there trying to make it happen would tell me I'm crazy; there's no money in it and this is not realistic. I'm here to prove them wrong. With your help, and my motivation, things are going to happen. Slowly at first, but in time, great things will come of all of this work, time and energy I am putting into the future. 

So in short, I will be documenting the transition, the changes, the progress and transformation - right here on these very pages, as well as on a few other sites to keep everyone in-the-know. May the future bring us all the best of luck and may we ride united and never look back.

With that said, I proudly introduce
oddity cycles
Over the next six-months I will be mastering my skills and developing a product. I will not be taking orders on bikes until I am 100% satisfied that they will blow your mind. Patients my friends. I'll keep you in-the-loop so that you can enjoy the journey right along with me. Thanks in advace for the support!


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