Monday, October 28, 2013


Winter is coming; creeping slowly but surely into the mountains and my new home - Estes Park, Colorado. The beauty of Colorado winter is the sunshine. It is almost always sunny here, even when it's snowing. Weird, I know, but a blessing to say the least. As the high peaks are getting covered in white, we here at 7,500+/- feet are getting random dustings  followed by freezing temps, then sunshine and warm temps with the snow then melting away. The soil is very rocky/sandy so the trails are almost always dry and ride-able. A big change from the Kansas City winters which are Hell on the trails and the riding scene.
Over the weekend I had the pleasure of riding with a few Estes Park locals; Mark, Dean and Randy. We headed over to ride Sourdough - a 24+ mile out-and-back technical and rock strewn single-track that was totally amazing. We had limited time and did not do the whole trail (yet), but did get a good taste of whats to come. So far my 'new riding friends' have all been really cool and accepting of my bizarre nature and undying motivation to get folks outside to have a hella-good-time. I'm really loving living in the mountains and riding at altitude. Nothing like getting your a$$ handed to you on every single ride - technical or not. These experiences can only make us stronger.
So, as I get more comfy here at the new lair, and get the trail systems dialed, I invite all my old KC crew out here, anytime, open invitation - to ride bikes, climb rocks, chill, pound booze, enjoy a campfire, hot tub, etc. And of course - take part in some form of shenanigans. I love shenanigans!

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