Wednesday, October 23, 2013


Though the floods have raped and totally screwed most of the trails in the area, and the roads - which makes travel anywhere a real pain in the a$$, I did get out FINALLY with the Redstone Cyclery crew for the weekly Tuesday Night Ride. These folks really know how to pick some good trail and go on an adventure ride - totally my style. Not only did the trails totally kick me in the balls *28 times, but we just kept riding and riding into Neverland (or rather Nederland). We hit up the East Mag trails which were in 110% better shape than anything else on the front range that I've seen. Instead of the typical Rocky Mountain straight-up then straight-down scenario, this trail system was fast and flowy and technical and down-right awesome. Thanks to Dave and the F.U.C.K.ers for the invitation to ride with 'my peeps'. Also thanks to Yann for taking some great photos of the crew. I'm looking forward to every TNR from here on out.

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