Thursday, March 7, 2013

Gods Country...

Check out this interview with Chris Locke, the man behind some of the areas best race events HERE.
This is a screen Shot from a recent article on Prologue's website with The SingleSpeedPirate front and center, sporting a Cowtown Kit during the 2009 Gods Country Fat Tire Festival. How I miss that old Rock Lobster Single Speed...she was overcome with an early demise during a lost battle - the classic roof top rack/garage collision. Argh! A forced change to a back-up 29er I had laying around and there was no looking back.
 Chris The 'Dirt Dobber' really puts his heart and soul into the events he promotes. He and his family are devoted to providing a helluva great time for us locals - I for one appreciate the heck out of what they do and challenge each and every one of you to join me in racing one of their local events. First up, as mentioned is the Gods Country Duathlon & Fat Tire Festival followed by my favorite local race of the season - Bonebender. I hope to see all of you out supporting the local race scene & having a great time.

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