Monday, November 12, 2012

The Black Pearl...

Promoting cycling events and building trail systems can take a toll on a fella, a toll on family time and a toll on ones riding time. I've been at it hard for the last two months doing everything I can to keep people psyched with a new local cycling venue and weekly race events. Today however, I got to ride MY bike...
Fall is here. Swope Trails.
It was still a tight squeeze to get in some time with all of the things I have on my plate, but rallied I did - met The Manimal and The Silent Killer out at Swope for a few laps of what turned out to be perfect trail conditions. I guess they weren't perfect; there were leaf covered turns and a section of new trail so dusty that visibility was down to twenty-feet. But overall, the trail conditions and the trail itself are just plain sick. The lines are well thought out, the bench cut sections on steep, rock-strewn terrain is always a technical fiesta. The flow is the best you'll find. I just love to ride there, it'd been way too long.

My fellow cohorts were pushing the envelope and I did my best to keep up and still enjoy the scenery. I was thinking as I watched The Silent Killers unyielding ability to hang on the wheel in front of him, and how my style varies as I stay back just enough to enjoy the solitude of the woods. Maybe this spacing-off at the scenery is in part what keeps me from the desire to train really hard and become a super bad-ass. I just try to keep it on the fun level. Don't get me wrong; going fast IS fun. I've just been on the other side of the scene for the last 8 weeks and am trying to dog-paddle my way back to the pack. Being outdoors, in the, just can beat the energy of it all.
Kuat makes a bad ass rack. Get one.
It was a hard ride for me, my legs felt like they were waking up from a long winters hibernation, and I've had a sinus infection for two weeks which pushes the lung comfort level down a notch, but I was psyched to be riding - super psyched. Not only did I have a great time, but I was energized to get back on a bike on a more consistent schedule. A great start was this ride at Swope. Plans for my next ride; Wednesday Night fellas, as the Pirate Rides are officially back on track. You know the drill. See you at 7 p.m. for the usual death march followed by some relaxation around a warm fire.

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