Thursday, June 21, 2012


HandleBalls B-day bash went off without a hitch. We had eight brave souls ride off into the moist darkness to get a face full of dust during what turned out to be a three hour ride. TallBitch showed up with P-ride rookie Joshua who had no light, so we did what we here at Pirate headquarters do best, we MacGyver’d some lumens to his helmet and were ready for action. Justin showed for round two, as he did a few laps at Smithville during the Specialized Demo earlier in the day. That was of course [his] excuse to nearly toss his lunch after we climbed out of the valleys North of OGG Rd. early in the ride. 
Duct Tape - Still THE fix-all
 Our crew put down some mileage at a casual pace that might have made pulling the beer cooler worthwhile. We stopped about *87 times for the group to huddle and for MaxiThad to lay in the dirt and moan, which is a typical maneuver for said landlubber during any ride/race or beer swilling festivity. The trails were in good shape if you’re the type who’s down with black lung; it was one dusty sumbiotch out there. BillyManilly showed up once again on his garage sale clunker, brilliantly adorned with no less than *18 zip ties to keep the chain-line in its money spot. Taylor, still riding a kid sized 29er frame, was killing it as usual with his off-the-couch mad skills. I’ve never seen a seat post that long before, ever.
Checking the radar at hour two of the ride we noticed a storm blanketing the area only minutes from our location. We made the decision to make no decision to ride fast or get to safety, but rather lolly-gagged onward on our quest for all things dirt and possibly a free shower. I guess all things dirt would be short changing ourselves so every man-made stone retaining wall was rode in style by non-other than the birthday boy himself, who can now legally date outside of his immediate family.
Half the crew was in rare look-of-doom form as we slogged up the Lawrence hill back to the Lair. Parched and seeing nothing but visions of beerverages dancing in our heads, we somehow made the long climb back to the fridge where good and bad barley pops were downed in yard-sale driveway style. After a short bit of chatting it up, the deluge that we’d foreseen yet not feared, reared its face and doused us with a fine amount of rain and a welcomed cool breeze. We were psyched to get in a ride before the much needed moisture. I’d imagine the trails will be in prime shape tomorrow, once the rain stops and they have a few hours to dry out.  Time to make some more time to ride while the gettin's good, so getcha some.

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