Wednesday, June 6, 2012


 Keeping true to the old ways of my old ways of thinking, I am re-thinking this whole plastic bike issue. I'm currently riding a really nice Niner Air 9 Carbon, which I truly enjoy. I have absolutely zero complaints. The bike rides like a dream, the geometry is spot-on, and it's sexier than eating bananas.
 If you think you might be worthy of my slightly used 2012 Niner Air 9 Carbon, shoot me an email. Retail on this frame is around $1,900. I'm including the Niner Biocentric EBB (annodized blue), der. hanger and other bits if you want to run it geared, a Thomson Seat Collar (black), Thomson Elite seatpost (black) and Cane Creek Headset. I'm asking $1,450 for the package.

My plan is then to buy one of these (below).. I feel it defines me in a much truer sense of being defined. A gem in the rough you might say, a true work of art without the bling; A single speeders dream machine.


Rasta Rider said...

don't'll sell that bike in 4 months too :D

Chasm said...

zero complaints? surely thats not the case or youd be keeping it. also, what rasta rider said. let me know when i can get the reeb off you on the CHEAP.