Saturday, May 12, 2012

Red Dawn...

Flying solo - I've missed you old friend! It feels like eons, maybe a short millennium since I had have the pleasure of no company during a trail ride. The past two days I've been blessed with beyond perfect temperatures, weather and newly opened trail. 
An extension to the Red Trail at Shawnee Mission Park opened Yesterday. This extension has added some fine terrain to the already great trails. Deep bench cuts on steep hillsides through deep valleys with smooth flowing trail and the occasional rock step to keep you on your toes. You feel like you are lost in the middle of the forest, far from the city, carving the earth with wildlife at every turn. I think my tally for the past two rides is 12 deer, 1 opossum, 5 turkey and a few cute ladies in running shorts.
What was SMP missing in the world of dirt until recently? Elevation. There was really no hard climbing or long fast descents. With the newer sections of Red, you get both of these and more. Special Thanks to SMP locals Sean, Pete, Andy, Brian and many more for all of the hard work getting these trails designed and built in record time. If you're a KC local, don't short change yourself! Get out to SMP and ride some dirt!

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