Wednesday, April 18, 2012


I just can't seem to wrap my head around this whole issue of over-riding. Yes, there is a slight issue that generally occurs during the weekly night ride; the ride goes way longer than planned. The 1-2 hour ride typically has been 2-3 hours. The crew that has been showing up to ride dirt seems gun-ho on hitting as much trail as possible. Only after what seems to be an uphill forever battle, legs swollen to their max and many non-cat-like tumbles off trail, does the crew start to show signs of needing to rest and rehydrate with a malty beverage. Last night was no different.
Billy, The Silent Killer, The Manimal, Steve-o, Pyro, G-Wiz, Taylor, CORE-bin, MaxiThad, Cliff and I all set out to ride some dry trail. As per the new standard, all contestants on the price is life must make numerous attempts on the backyard skills trail. I believe this is the new standard because those who show up on time to ride get bent about having to wait on those who show up late, or those slacking off. Whatever the reason, the sight of bikes and body's flying is always welcome and an exciting show, and a good laugh is usually had.
The actual trail ride started off on typical terrain, though the trail was a bit horsed-out at spots which makes for a really rough ride. Other sections of our adventurous line would take us through jungle-like terrain and ghost-town gravel. With a few newb's aboard we popped their V-Slot cherries and rode The Darkness loop. Someday, someone is going to f*&k [that] obstacle up and go for the plunge-dive into oblivion. I hope I'm not around when it happens. It'd be a huge tumble.
As a first for the night ride we did hit about 20 minutes of asphalt to link-up the planned route of rogue and difficult trail. The crew was blindfolded, sworn to secrecy as we rolled out to ride what was The Pirate cXc Race No. 2, The Howling. A fair bit of the single track sections had been over run by new vegetation, but that didn't stop us from riding the never ending and brutal climbs this course is known for. When we arrived at The Wall, none could ride, all could barely hike the hill; it's that steep. The technical creek crossing was in great shape and many were able to ride the spine of rock and blown-out cement that lead to the other side. We sent varied yet many short and steep ascents which eventually led us back out to more asphalt and finally to the Autobahn - scene of last weeks near death experience.
At this point we'd put in 16+ miles and were down for more pain. The Autobahn was blazed at ludicrous-speed, then it was off to finish our ride on the Mountain Bike Trails of SMP - where we cruised various sections of Orange, Violet and Red trails. By this time we'd been in the saddle for close to 3 hours and decided to take Wrangler Ridge back to the Pirates Lair for cold beverages and a few minutes of relaxation.
Once again another successful night of riding great single track (and some treacherous bush-whacky trail). Thanks again fellas for coming out to ride, I had a great time - even with my OTB action during the last ten minutes of the ride. I had to do it, you can't have a night ride without carnage! Hope to see you all next week. Same time, different location (BuRP) for more fun. Cheers!


J. Harp said...

Over riding yes...burnt out no...! I experienced that too. My body is beaten but the spirit is very much into it. How long have you been night riding?

writer @ hybrid bike reviews

Burnsey said...

Far from burnt out for sure. Night riding has been part of the game for the crew since the beginning. We choose to make the best of the short winter days and/or hot summer by riding at night. It' almost a requirement if you are a die hard cyclist here in the Midwest and need a fix other than riding a trainer...and I don't ride bikse to be stuck indoors.