Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A BuRP in the Night...

 As the Taco Tuesday group was returning from their evening ride, the Pirate crew was dawning lights to take over the night shift. Blue River Parkway Trails are some of the oldest in KC, and house some of the best technical rock terrain one could ask for. We had a solid crew of about 6-7 fellas cruising the trails, dodging raccoons, crashing on loose gravel and bonking late in the ride. It was a nice change of pace to take the P-ride to a different venue, to have a bar at our disposal post ride and to get hooked up with swag from Mr. Taddihogg himself whilst swilling malty beverages. 
We actually kept the ride time down to 2 hours +/- and still got in plenty of great riding, I believe we hit everything south of Martha Truman at least once. MaxiThad redeemed himself of previous mishaps by cleaning nearly every rock garden and obstacle in his path, including but not limited to all of Highline and Wagon. It was an impressive display of skill not to be topped by G-Wiz's early roll-call to the bar, where he made sweet love to numerous fifty-cent beers.

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