Thursday, September 8, 2011

Skid Row...

Shiver me timbers! Last nights ride was a huge success. We had the usual crew; The Manimal, The Kid, Pyro and me. Also joining us to test her sea legs was Sarah, who just so happens to be the only women in the KC Metro with enough huevos to ride with us, little lone keep up. Our 8:30ish start pushed to 9:00 and it was starting to get darn right chilly out. A few of the crew dawned arm warmers and vests, which were quickly stowed during the first mile of our ride. We have a pretty good 2 hours loop dialed-in and we busted it out in prime fashion. The Kid, in standard 'The Kid' fashion, crashed his brains out at least a few times. I wasn't short on antics or evasive maneuvers either - falling over or crashing repeatedly in random and stupid locations. I remember doing a climb up a steep bench cut and hearing a crash behind me. I glanced back to see the damage only to fall down the hill and into a tree like an idiot. It was The Kid going over the bars behind me and doing the running man for a solid 30' that caused the initial racket. Unscathed we pushed on. I do recall Sarah taking a good spill and maybe even the Manimal. Heck, even Pyro went down. It was anarchy on bikes, skid row madness and dirt hugging good times. Our loop now incorporates plenty of spinning, technical rock gardens, dozens of logs and some long, leg-burning climbs. We plundered the full Pirate Loop, and other than the lack of trimming on our rogue journey, it was a killer-good time.
Temps fell to the fifties and we all hopped into the tub for post ride muscle relaxation and barley-pop drinking. After turning into pumpkins the crew called it a night (shortly after The Kid Poofed) sans fire and headed to their respected homes. Fall is coming...then winter. It's all good on Wednesday nights!

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