Friday, September 16, 2011

Jet Lag Night Ride...

It was a long strange trip out to the West Coast to do some work. As you see in the photos below…I had a good time when not working by sampling as many local beers as possible, visiting the beach and relaxing. I had flown out to L.A. on 9-11, a great test of fear control and patients. The local media and law enforcement were having their hay day and I was business as usual. The flight back made a stop in Denver, then on home to KC., just in time to get my kiddos to bed and suit-up for a much needed spin around the local trails with Cliff and Coletrain. Temps were totally kick-ass perfect for riding. Though the usual suspects claimed their individual excuses why they did not show for the ride, these two jerks found the time and we made the best of it.
For some reason at least once a year I clock-the-shit out of my left knee with a direct hit to the ass-end of my stem. With this knee already jacked, I was hurting for the last few miles of our ride…and still today. I’m sure there is at a minimum a pea sized floating piece of bone just grinding away flesh hidden just under the skin. I need to have this looked at before it ruins my biking ability. I also have a non-working rear brake issue that I should probably address before I eat another tree…or I should just stick to the fixie for the rest of the year. Hydrolic brakes are great until you get an air bubble in there, then it’s a crap shoot as to when things are going to work…or not.
Fourteen miles of solid single track in the dark, followed by what else but beers and a warm campfire that nearly melted my leg hair off to match the silky smooth variations of others. Good times for sure. Assuming the trails are dry I am looking forward to a large crew this week, see you then!

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