Thursday, June 23, 2011

Swope with the Crew...

Sometimes it feels SO good to hurt. The pain of crawling off my office chair and onto my bike at the best trail system in the Midwest to ride with good pals is worth it. The Manimal, Dave and I made short work of everything at Swope, both ways - all pushing single speeds. We even enjoyed a short game of mountain bike chinese fire-drill action; switching bikes to see how each differs in feel and performance. It was cool to ride Dave's Niner carbon frame. Feels really nice. Jesse's Stumpy was sweet too. If you have not been to Swope to ride, do it. If you are traveling across the country on I-70 and need a break to ride, do it. Kansas City's finest trail. Post ride there had to be 30 cars and many groups of post-ride peeps tossing back cold beers and telling stories of there adventures. A real scene for sure. We chose the comfort of Dave's porch for our beer consumption. Good times.

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