Monday, June 20, 2011

Custom Frame - Silent Auction...

<Burnsey                Dave>
Hello to all the Yahoos out there in Cyber Land. Today you have the opportunity to selflessly help out one of my dear friends by bidding on this sweet Vicious Cycles Monolith Single Speed Frame.
Here's the deal; My buddy Dave is going in for surgery TODAY to have a tumor removed. At the age of 21 he had cancer, fought and beat it. Just over ten years later he's back in the ring, fighting again. Dave is much like we dream to be; Adventurous, traveler, life loving and never says no to a challenge. Dave has no insurance and no money. He needs help and won't ask for it!
What's going to happen is this; I'm selling my Vicious frame (a $1,400.00 value) to the highest bidder via silent auction. I will cover shipping costs. EVERY PENNY you bid goes straight to Dave to help fund his battle against cancer. This is the very least I can try to do for my brother. If you know him or not, he is worth it, so do it!
If you have a facebook account you can check out his updated status HERE.
About the frame;
Vicious Cycles Monolith Single Speed Frame size L
  • Reynolds 853 steel
  • EBB
  • Team Paint
  • Sterling Silver Head Badge
  • Excellent Condition
Specs are HERE
Here are a few photos of the bike built-up as I've had it for only a few months now...

All you have to do for the silent auction is email me at with your bid and contact info. If you are NOT in the continental USA, You'll have to help me with the shipping charges over $50 (seems fair to me). I'll post up the winner of the bidding asap. I will be in Denver next weekend to see Dave and hope to bring him a check at that time. If I am getting a really great response from YOU folks, I might let the bidding go a little longer. If I do not get generous enough bids, I will cancel the auction and head to ebay for round two. I'm not gonna cheap-out on my pal; you don't cheap out on him either, please. If you don't want the frame, but would like to help, you can donate on the facebook page link above. I'll keep you posted.

Please feel free to contact me at the above email address with any questions/concerns! THANK YOU in advance for bidding. You do make a difference, no matter what your momma tells you...

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