Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Shit Circus...

Humpday has come and gone but I'll tell you this; it was a Shit Circus kind of ride that the crew pulled-off last night. Manimal, Timbo, FM and I headed out for the Home Loop just after dark. We had many, many issues on this ride. (1) Timbo had a dead battery and therefor no headlight. Fortunately he had a little bar mounted unit and got to ride, though not optimal. Things were going pretty good for the first part of our ride and on into the new section of Red, were it dead ends at this classic skull & barbed wire fence.
As we got close to the junction at Purple, (2) FM (Flat Man) got a flat. This is a typical scenario for FM; I can't remember a ride that he did not at some point get a flat. Short break number one. We then head into the Purple trail and it's heavy concentration of baby heads and lack of good lines. (3) Manimals light goes out and hes running on the led back-up (which pretty much does nothing). We are really kicking a$$ at this point. From here on it just gets worse.(4) FM gets another flat. (5) FM gets another flat. (6) FM gets another flat. (7) Manimal can't see the huge tree stump coming down the hill to the damn and eats major shit, nearly taking off both right and left nuts in the process. (8) FM gets another flat. This time he is down to two flat and patched tubes. One has a bad stem so it's trash and the other needs 4 holes patched (two snake bites). The patches won't hold because there is Stans sealant all over the place and the three hand pumps were using are junk and FM's gone thru at least 4 Co2 cartridges by now. Everyone is ready to call it and have the search and rescue party called to take us to the nearest bar. I have the idea that we should at least try to get one of our good 29er tubes to work in his 26" tires. It does. Were rolling again.
We casually make the 3 miles ride back to the beer fridge and chillax for a bit while tossing back a few barley-pops. All in all this ride was fun because we are fun guys. Someday FM is going to figure out a tire system that works for him. I sure the heck love my new set-up!

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