Friday, April 15, 2011

Repair Kit...

As Promised, my repair kit. This little kit was born from several seasons of riding and learning from my own (and a handful of your) mistakes.

(1) spare tube
(1) pre-sticky patch kit
(1) tire lever - make sure you get one that won't break!
(1) multi-tool w/chain tool
(1) plug kit with extra plugs (for tubeless tire repair)
(1) UST valve stem
(1) chain ring bolt
(1) Quick Link
a few lengths of chain
a few zip-ties
(1) spare cleat and (2) cleat bolts
(1) spare valve stem nut
(1) Co2 valve head
(1) big air Co2

I change up the exact contents depending on where I am riding and/or if I'm racing, variations on conditions or which bike I'm riding. Overall this is the most crap I'd lug around at any one time. I carry the tube in a small seat-bag and the Co2 on a seatpost mount. Everything else fits in the handy-dandy black bag (made from a recycled tube). I just toss the bag in the center pocket of my jersey and roll. Hope this sheds some light for you jerks out there who've required a handholding on far too many occasions. Cheers!

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