Monday, March 21, 2011

How To Die (Fixed Downhill)

I'm trying to commute to work. The ride is a good 18 miles round-trip, full of hills and car-driving-idiots. I headed off today on the 29er only to realize she needed some adjustments. I returned home, grabbed another bike and headed out again; the fixed gear. In case you were wondering how I go down steep hills on my Fixed Gear mountain bike way faster than I can you go. Yeah, I know its upside down...but so is riding a fixie.
If you're wondering what the hell you're looking at, it's my feet up on top of my fork, and the cranks are spinning like egg-beaters wildly beyond (way faster than i can spin). It's looks flippin' retarded, but it gets you down fast and easy. Just don't screw-up the pedal re-connect or you might eat major s#%t...
On a side note; I got to spend another perfect weekend in Arkansas climbing rocks and camping with my family and friends. Can't wait to get my bike down there again. I guess that will be sooner than later when Syllamo's Revenge comes about, can't wait!

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