Saturday, February 19, 2011

Backyard Fun...

Had a goodnight out with the boys to check out the new BikeSource location and drink some beer. Never a bad time. You should check the place out...more bikes than I've seen in one place since the Leadville Starting line.

Followed up that fine evening with a day of goods temps and DRY TRAIL. Yes, you read it correct, dry trail my friends...and in my own backyard! Above is a short video clip of one of the dozen or so features at my casa, and there is always an open invitation to come and play. Of course a photo/video never really does anything true justice. This skinny in particular is a tricky bastard...

I've been trying to commute to work; an 18 mile round trip. So far so good and it help's to save money for beer instead of gas. I even spun myself on up to the gym today and lifted weights. I wonder how long I can keep up that routine/\? I'm just dying to push myself on some epic rides this season! See you out there.

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