Monday, September 27, 2010

Cold Front...

Has Fall arrived? It couldn't be, I mean it's been so damn hot here in the Midwest, humid and plain crappy to really enjoy being outside. But now, meaning over the last few days, it's been blissfully cool. Morning dew and Sunshine are my friend.

It's been a week or more since the KC Cup race and I've been getting out to ride enough to quench my desires. I'm still running to tall a gear for the climbs and technical sections at Swope, but I've been able to ride the trail system clean and am feeling pretty good, just not lighting fast. I can't believe I had to wear a long sleeve shirt while riding. I love this weather!

Today I'll be taking my rear wheel into my pal Travis at BikeSource to see if he can work some magic on the flip-flop hub. I can't get the old freewheel off (I don't use it so it's just excess weight). I broke my bench vise trying to remove myself! I also need to switch out my fixed cog. I've been running a 16t (with a 34t ring up front) and it's been working me like a minimum wage job. I figure if I put the standard 18t cog on that I might be able to ride a little longer before I bonk. Maybe I should just go to a 17t? I can't decide.

So toodles to you and happy trails. I plan to ride my a$$ off this week and the weeks to follow. Night rides followed by a campfire and hot tub are in my future, hopefully every night! Get in touch if you wanna ride!

Welcome Fall!!!

p.s. The Backyard Skills course is good to go too, so hit me up if you wanna ride some skinnies!

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