Monday, August 9, 2010

Grand Adventure...

I have been utterly lost in some kind of time/space continuum. Since my last post nearly a year ago a lot has changed. I have a new family member, changed jobs a few times, went on a few road trips, did a few major projects around the home-front and did less riding than expected. With that said, and little time to sit down and crank out delicious words for you to taste, I leave you with this (until next time, being very soon...I plan to blog weekly!)... I had a great climb up the Grand Teton in Teton National Park, Wyoming last weekend. Nick, Kevin and I headed out for an attempt at the 13, 7xx foot summit and succeeded where many men have failed, nearly a week after all of the press about 15 peeps being rescued off the climb as well as one death. I have to say that I do love to ride my bike, but climbing to the summit of a peak and checking out the view might just take the cake.

Until next week (or whenever I am bored and surfing the interweb, or have crazy-good photos for your viewing pleasure)...See Ya!

(Photo-Burnsey checking out the view of the Middle Teton from high on the Grand)

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Rasta Rider said...

he's alivvvvvvveeeeeee!!!!