Monday, November 9, 2009

Hacking good times...

I am still sick. The Swine Flu has gone but a residual sinus infection has left me hacking, coughing and not at 100% for way too long now. I just want to go outside and play, to feel the wind on my face, to be free of this crap-feeling. Thankfully Dr. Andre called with just the right Rx... a ride out at BURP on a more than perfect sunny day.
We arrived at the Sandtrap and as usual geared-up and got our psyche-on for the ride. Mason and Brett, casually late, arrvied and did the same. The four of us headed out on a planned ride as follows; Wagon to Ox Bow to Low line to Little Moab to Mary Truman to Rocky Top to Highline to middle to low to Ox Bow and back to the Sandtrap. We did just as planned and had a great time, a perfect time actually.

Andre Sending one of the many BURP rock gardens

Out on Wagon we encountered some 'newer' technical offshoots that I had net seen before. Maybe I am blind? We knew of the drop referred to as Rob's, and when we arrived we were excited to see another line or two nearby with some sweet drops and rock gardens. Being off the bike for weeks I did not think I would be attempting said features, but i went for it, and sent the line first try. It was a sweet line starting with an up onto a long flat rock that then dropped you to a fin type up-and-over, and continuing along the tops of various other stacked rocks until a second drop was sent. Man, I had a blast and my trusty SS flowed over the terrain like it was nothing. The other fellas tried a few other lines in the same area and had a blast.

Mason attemtping the second of two drops on a 'newer' line, near 'Robs'...

Back up on my soapbox, I finally did the foundation drop. I had always heard horror stories of this drop, which is followed by a few stairs which makes it intimidating, but I went for it and sent, first try without issue. Andre had a good explanation as to my newly found huevos, something to the effect of 'forgetting bad habits', which seemed right on.
Though I was coughing, hacking and riding pretty darn slow, It was SO good to be back in the saddle on a perfect 70 degree, sunny November day.

Mason - 1 flat. Brett - 1 flat. Why do you guys always get flats?

I love to ride bikes, love it!

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