Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Why I don't ride my bike...


I absolutely hate phugging rules. All my life I've tried to escape rules set by others; ones to protect us from ourselves, ones that tell us how we can or can't live in this so-called free society. Rules made by humans who each have their own opinions on right and wrong, their own morals, religious beliefs and lack of life experience. Ignorance is bliss I suppose. But there are still a handful of us free-thinkers around. Those who see outside the box and live life to it's fullest potential. Those whom stray from the sheep's path to make friends with the wolf. Those who are traveled and inherently know what is real, what to fear and what to let go. I am one of these few.

I've had my beef with various governing bodies in the past. USA Cycling for example. More rules, and they want you to pay them for a license to race bikes where they have even more limitations and rules. Bullshit. USA Cycling can eat a bowl of dicks.

Yesterday I was visiting Velocipede Salon, a cycling forum, where I had posted a question in regards to bicycle frame building. As all of you know me, I signed my post -Burnsey. I then received the following string of messages from one of the moderators, Richard Sachs, whom most of you know is a well established, well known frame builder. And my responses are below as well.

Hi there

I need to edit your, or signatures, or let me assign another screen name asap so that you comply:

Posting Guidelines For The V Salon FrameForum
  • The V Salon FrameForum is for the exchange of ideas, processes, resources, and all conversation related to the framebuilding trade. If you're new and have a question, please ask. We all were new once. The career framebuilders registered here are encouraged to watch the board and help answer questions and steer conversations when at all possible.
  • Anyone can start a thread or post on the V Salon FrameForum as long as a first and last name is in clear view. There is no anonymity permitted here. If your screen name is your first and last name OR if your posting signature contains your first and last name, you are compliant.
  • If you're a framebuilder and want to talk about your work, promote the brand, or show images, it has to be in your Smoked Out thread or on Friday Night Lights. If you don't have a thread but are interested in starting one, please PM Too Tall or e-RICHIE. Note - VSalon Gallery threads are for fans and clients. Please don't use them for your images. Use the S.O. or F.N.L. threads for these.


Oh Richard, so many rules... I've never been much for rules, however, In the industry I am known as Burnsey. That's the name I go by, I race under, I sell bikes by and am by no means hiding under this name. You know, like Madonna or Prince. It's just one name. So I don't know what you are willing or want to do about that. My Brand is Oddity Cycles. I share shop space with Black Sheep Bikes out of Fort Collins, Colorado. Here is a link to my blog and flikr. If anything, I'd really like to change my screen name from sspirate (which relates to my personal cycling blog HERE) to "Oddity". I know this is you're deal, so let me know what you are willing to do. Feel free to contact, say Kris Henry, who knows me, if you want to verify my name, etc. I'm totally open to ideas and am even more open to folks knowing to whom they are speaking on the forums. I'm hiding nothing and am hopeful to provide as much help to other builders and keep the juices flowing on Vsalon for years to come. Thanks for all you do Richard!

Oddity Cycles

The no-more-anonymity thing wasn't my deal; the others lobbied for it. But I did think it was a very idea. I'm simply one of the cats who mind the store here. It's not my store. I don't want anything changed to make appearances even more cryptic or edge-y so I won't touch the screen name thing. Your name is Sean Burns? Is it okay to add that to your signature? 


Yes Richard, My birth name is Sean Burns. I just don't go by that name. Makes zero sense to me to add a name I do not use in an industry I am trying to build a name in, ie Burnsey. With that said, If you and the Vsalon folks object to my request to simply be who I am w/o the 'Sean Burns' part, I will simply choose another outlet for my inquiries and helpful tips, etc. We are both adults. I'm sure you can make a choice that will reflect an open mind on what name a person wishes to be called by. Let me know what you decide. I'm not trying to be a dick, I know reading tone through words on a computer screen is hard, but I have no ill will on my end.

I did add additional info to my signature to help aid in any identity qualms. 

Much respect,

(Then they deleted my post inquiring about the use of Cerro Bend Alloy to bend bicycle tubing)


I guess that's a big fat NO. I see my post has been deleted. Feel free to give me a call to discuss.


Hi - it's not a fat NO. It's simply the board following the posting guidelines that went into effect in April. The framebulders wanted it, and we gave a month's notice before enacting on it.

It's nothing personal. You're welcome to add content and be part of the conversations. But readers have to know who's posting. Nicknames, brand names, screen names, etc are all good. You can have your life's story linked in the signature. But unless there's a first and last name in clear view, it won't be allowed on the frame board.



I don't pay USA Cycling to have a license to ride my bike. I'm not going to change my name to post to a forum. Cycling is freedom, at least to me. I'm sad that Vsalon has chosen to ignore my request. I would appreciate my account to be deleted, as I see there's no place for a free-thinking individual here. Much continued success to you Richard in the future. I will continue on my own path and seek/contribute through other mediums.

All the best,

As you can see by the messages sent back and forth, Richard and I were very nice about trying to get to the bottom of this issue. It seems in the end neither of us, or the other moderators of Velocipede Salon, were willing to budge. But I'll tell you this - I am totally pissed-off-Irish-fucking-mad about it. No one tells me who I am or what name to go by. The cycling community knows me by Burnsey, and hell if I'm going to change that. Velocipede Salon has now joined the ranks of the closed-minded.

So where do I go with this? Does it matter? Do I need to contribute or seek knowledge from this group of builders? Do I cave and put my birth name instead of the name I wish to build a reputation under? I understand the idea is to eliminate the gumby opinions and mass of misinformation - to allow forum readers to know who they are talking to in form of a name related to experience and a product and reputation. I just feel strongly that adding another name to my brand is more confusing than helpful. What's your opinion on this?

I guess not visiting, contributing, etc. to the aforementioned website will just allow more time for me to write about the things I love, not hate, in the future. And of course, ride bikes. But at the same time, this is a community of builders. I think it is important to be a part of that, in some way, without being a dick or having to change my identity. Maybe I'm stressing over nothing and I should just do my own thing. Hmmm...

Be true to yourself, what you believe. Face fear and follow your path, wherever it may lead.


A ton of new content coming soon to Single Speed Pirate. I've been out-of-touch lately but it's time to get back at it. Hardcore. And I leave you with this sweet poster my friend Kris Henry of 44 Bikes created. I signed mine in blood.

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egawa+zbryk said...

What happened to "Bovine" ? ;) Congrats on the great looking shop and bikes you're building. You know I'm not really a bike guy, but despite the shameless RedBull plugs (somebodies gotta pay for these things), I was blown away by this guys riding skills -