Monday, October 11, 2010

Mad Dash...

Bomber weather + Good Friends = Awesome Weekend.

Jane and Bryan came into town from OKC for a weekend of relaxation and beer drinking. We succeeded! I'm going to sum it up with the following incomlete sentences. Good Food. Great Beer. Climbing. Walks in the Park. Playground. Hot tub. Camp Fire. Smores. Slackline. Bike Ride. More Food. More Beer. It was a good time!

Little Big Man even got in some riding!

I got in a good and quick ride from my casa to Shawnee Mission Park in perfect condiditons. I think it's funny how I have to ride my Fixie when hauling a$$ down the road on my way to the singletrack. I just can't pedal at 3,162 rpm, so I have to put my feet up on the fork and let the crank just spin like a mixxer. Yeah its super dangerous, but it's fun! I'm getting more dialed-in to this bike...finally. Feels good!

Rain today...Hope for dry weather again so I can go and ride a bunch of sweet trail while the leaves are in full autumn colors. This is my favorate part of the year!

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